AMLO reappears on national TV and confirms that he vanished after contagion of Covid-19 (VIDEO)


AMLO confirmed his contagion of Covid-19 through a video in which he explained the health problems he suffered.

Three days after the health problems of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) were confirmed, the Mexican president reappeared on video this Wednesday, April 26, and confirmed his Covid-19 infection; However, in the report, he announced that in the midst of the discomfort he suffered a fainting spell that caused specialized medical attention.

“I’m fine, I have Covid-19, it got complicated because I went on a very intense tour,” AMLO began to explain during the story from the National Palace. “There was a change in climate, I later went to Quintana Roo, I was in Chetumal, I was in Cancun, in Mérida and there I had a crisis because my blood pressure suddenly dropped.”

AMLO fainted in Mérida, Yucatán, during his Mayan Train tour

What is AMLO’s state of health?

After demanding that the corresponding doctors attend him in the area, President AMLO assured that “there was no affectation to the heart or the brain,” for which he decided to travel to Mexico City in an air ambulance, where he assured that he was conscious and that he was not transferred on a stretcher.

“Speculations began, because my adversaries have a lot of imagination,” López Obrador later began to describe in the statement. “They have said many things; that I had a stroke, that here in the (National) Palace there are cardiology specialists from the Military Hospital, and it is not like that. Fortunately, I am very well and I am working”, confirmed the head of the Federal Executive, who confirmed his contagion of Covid-19.

Source: TV Azteca

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