3 dead in Morelos, including a mother who took her daughters to the park


CUERNAVACA, MORELOS.- On Sunday, April 23, strong criminal activity was reported in Morelos on Saturday night, there was an attack on a palenque, leaving one dead and two injured, as well as a woman lifeless due to crossfire and the last one an element of the Morelos Police who was ambushed.
shots in palenque

The event in the palenque occurred shortly after midnight, this in the Campo Sotelo neighborhood of the municipality of Temixco.

According to the police report, it was at 01:42 a.m. when more than 200 people had to be evacuated because the attackers also threw a bomb, which fortunately did not explode.

Witnesses who were at the scene informed the police that the gunmen had arrived at the site in several trucks, after which shots were heard and people began to run in different directions to get to safety.

After the uniformed officers arrived at the site, they noticed the fragmentation grenade.

It was in Cuernavaca, where a stray bullet hit a woman when she was taking her daughters to the park in the La Lagunilla neighborhood.

Cecilia “N”, 29 years old, was taking her daughters to play in the park when on Cedros Street two men were chasing another woman and firing shots, so they fell to the ground.

The girls’ mother resulted with bullet wounds and she could only see how the attackers got on a motorcycle and escaped.

She was later transferred to a hospital, but before arriving she passed away; the girls were unharmed.

Source: El Imparcial

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