Tucan Waterfalls in Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz (VIDEO)


The time is now and you cannot miss the opportunity to travel to regions like Los Tuxtlas, in the state of Veracruz, because during spring the bright tones of the representative flora are more intense than at other times of the year.

The high temperatures can be taken advantage of despite the belief that the Sun irritates and bothers people, but it is important to know where to go to enjoy it; Did you know the twin waterfalls, the hump, or the toucan? Keep reading because we will tell you how to get there.

With crystal clear water, the Tucán waterfall is one of the highest in San Andrés Tuxtla as it measures 42 meters and ends in a beautiful stream where families can spend hours in the water.

The entrance to this experience costs only 25 pesos per person and includes parking, showers, and bathrooms, but if you are looking for extreme activities you can ask about the zip line tours for 100 pesos.

Here, as we mentioned, they offer abseiling for the public that loves outdoor activities, where you can descend from the top of the waterfall supported by a huge rock where the water falls directly and test your strength and resistance.

What activities can be done at the Tucán waterfall?

Hiking is another of the favorites for groups of friends and families with several members as it is considered a unique way to discover the “magic” of the place and its blue lagoon.

Near the place, they also offer you a ride in the river or by the sea, aboard a kayak, in areas such as Split Rock or Playa Hermitas, places famous for their landscapes.

Snorkeling is another great option to complement your visit to the blue lagoon, a name it receives thanks to its crystal clear waters and the marine life it possesses.

Here there is space to camp and sleep under the stars while listening to the waterfall, but they also offer lodging in rooms very close to the waterfall so that you do not miss the sounds of it or the fauna that lives there.

If your idea is to spend the whole weekend doing activities, you can call 284 102 26 28 and they will give you all the information about reservations.

Leaving Córdoba, the Tucán waterfall is located just 4 hours away.

Source: OEM