Crocodile found in the middle of the street in Guadalajara

Photo: Policia de Guadalajara

Rangers from that corporation arrived and found the reptile of approximately one and a half meters in length that was walking along the sidewalk of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Street, between Ramón Blancarte and José María Gómez.

For this reason, the officers cordoned off the area and requested the support of the Rangers who are trained in the management of wildlife.

The reptile transferred to the Villa Fantasía zoo with animal protection,” explained the commander of Polygon 6, of the Guadalajara Police, Luis Alfredo Castellanos.

He pointed out that it is a Moreletti crocodile, small in size since it is about a meter and a half long. He said that the reptile was never aggressive.

At the Villa Fantasía Zoo, the animal will be valued by specialists. It is not yet defined if it was somebody’s pet or where it came from.

Source: El Occidental

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