Where is the highest viewpoint in Mexico?


The highest viewpoint in Mexico measures more than 1,800 meters high, it also has impressive views of the Barrancas de Cobre

We share with you that the highest viewpoint in Mexico is called Cerro del Gallego, it is a platform 1,879 meters high, reaching it is a true adventure that you must experience soon.

The best thing about the viewpoint is that it offers an impressive view of the Barrancas de Cobre, Chihuahua, as well as the meandering Urique River and the old mining town of Cerro del Gallego, both of which are located at the foot of the viewpoint.

Your adventure will be surrounded by deep ravines and canyons, that is, an impressive natural landscape; It begins by going up an irregular and cobbled path, without realizing it you will be rising almost two kilometers above sea level.

At a halfway point you will find a small suspension bridge about 15 meters long, which is the prelude to the viewpoint, it is a very exciting experience.

On the other side, the landscape is incredible when you see those endless folds of the mountains, hold on to the emotion because you are very close to the highest viewpoint in Mexico.

After a few meters you will be at the Cerro del Gallego viewpoint, which has a kind of terrace flown over the canyon, with some parts of a glass floor to observe the fall, with nothing to get in the way! There you will realize that the journey it was totally worth it!

Here you will find the most impressive views, Gallego is higher than the viewpoint of Divisadero and others of the Barrancas de Cobre, Chihuahua.

The viewpoint is located between Cerocahui and Urique, at the top of the Urique Canyon, the highest point of these mountains of the Barrancas de Cobre; Above the ravine is the small town of Cerocahui.

At the bottom of the mountain, is Urique, these are the two towns closest to the viewpoint and from where you can access it; Cerocahui is more picturesque and has a greater tourist offer.

The entrance to the viewpoint is $25 pesos.

Source: Top Adventure