Subjects that tortured two dogs on video are arrested in Aguascalientes


The video shows the subjects beating a dog that is hanging from a tree.

Two subjects who tortured and killed a couple of dogs were shown on social networks through a video in which they were seen beating the dogs.

The acts of animal cruelty occurred in Rincón de Romos, in Aguascalientes, and as can be seen in the cruel images, the two aggressors beat one of the dogs while he remained hanging from a tree.

Also in the images, another dog can be seen lying on the ground, apparently lifeless after being hit.

The video was published by Alejandro Luminosos Se Rode, one of the attackers who was immediately identified by Internet users.

The complaint made by users of social networks and the page ‘Perritos Perdidos y Rescuados de Rincón de Romos’, helped elements of the Municipal Police of Rincón de Romos and the State Attorney for Environmental Protection, the State Police, and also the Cyber Police, will mobilize to arrest those responsible, who were identified with the ages of 19 and 35 years.

Source: El Siglo

Aguascalientes Daily Post