These are the CONDITIONS to regularize chocolate cars in a NEW stage that begins in April 2023


After the new decree was extended throughout this year, thousands of motorists are interested in the process to regularize chocolate cars in Mexico, but now the authorities have released other details about this process and what are the conditions that apply. They must comply during the new stage to nationalize vehicles of foreign origin that begins during the month of April 2023, so if you intend to be part of this project you must be well informed.

This new stage will be the third time that the decree opens the registry so that owners of chocolate cars that meet all the conditions can regularize their vehicle. Nationalizing these vehicles in Mexico is a process that allows the vehicle to be legalized and registered in the country and complies with all the regulations required to circulate on public roads, so in the month of April could be your turn to get a new set of plates.

To regularize a chocolate car in Mexico, a series of legal conditions and procedures must be met, such as obtaining an invoice or proof of origin of the vehicle, as well as a mechanical inspection and review of its import documents. Once all the requirements are met, you can obtain the necessary documentation for the legalization of the vehicle that is agreed before the authorities with a new set of completely Mexican plates so that you can circulate freely.

These are the conditions to regularize chocolate cars in a new stage that begins in April 2023

According to Patricia Íñiguez López, head of the Sinaloa Public Vehicular Registry, in this new stage that begins in April, chocolate car owners who want to regularize their units must comply with the new conditions that will be essential for them to be able to be considered in this process. The official clarified that the new decree only extended its duration but that the requirements remain the same.

The conditions of the decree remain the same, only vehicles whose serial number begins with numbers from 1 to 5 can be regularized, that is, vehicles assembled in Mexico, the United States or Canada; Only vehicles with a serial number that begin with a letter can be regularized when the decree establishes it, and for the moment in this extension it is not the case.

The conditions to regularize chocolate cars will be that their serial number corresponds to that of manufacture or assembly in Mexico, the United States or Canada, of 2017 and earlier models. The confusion arises after it had recently been reported that vehicles from manufacturers in Japan or Germany could also be part of the project, but it seems that this will not be considered, at least in the new stage that begins in April 2023.

Remember that in addition to complying with these conditions, you must make a payment of 2,500 pesos to obtain an appointment in this new stage that begins in April and with this you can regularize your vehicle. Only one chocolate car per person can be regularized and the ownership of unit must be proven, as well as that it is free of investigations or crimes in its country of origin, so that you can achieve its nationalization.

Source: Terra