Police officers from Guadalajara attack and torture a homeless man (VIDEO)


A video circulating on social networks has caused outrage among users and shows the moment in which two Guadalajara police officers assaulted a man on the streets.

The images show how a couple of elements of the Guadalajara Police approach a man who appears lying on the street, when one of the officers, without knowing the reason, kicks him in the face, while his partner steps on one of the legs of the homeless man and tases him with an electric device.

The victim’s face reflects pain, while the police officers talk to him. Finally, they get the person to stand up.

The events occurred outside a business, on Chapultepec avenue, at its intersection with España street, not far from downtown Guadalajara. 

Guadalajara Mayor Pablo Lemus responds that the aggression is already being investigated

Given the facts, the mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus, pointed out that in the face of aggression on public roads against a person in a street situation by elements of the Guadalajara Police, there will be zero tolerance.

It is now known that the two police officers have been suspended, and most likely they will face criminal charges for these actions.

Source: Informador

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