Everything ready for the Los Cabos 200 Grand Prix of the Nascar Mexico Series!


Waiting is over and everything is ready for the great start of the 2023 NASCAR Mexico Season, with the Los Cabos 200 Grand Prix at the Super Oval Chiapas, headed by the IX city Councilor of the municipality of Los Cabos and president from the Education, Culture, Recreation and Sports Commission, Linze Rodríguez González.

With the arrival of drivers and teams in the southeast of Mexico, since last Friday the unique and characteristic atmosphere of the motor racing weekend that NASCAR Mexico brings with it began to live, whose first official day in tracks was lived with free practices and sessions of classification, leaving the table set for the first green flag that will wave this Sunday, March 26, making the racetrack vibrate with a spectacle full of adrenaline and speed.

In this way, the Super Ovalo Chiapas dressed up to receive special guests who make the Los Cabos 200 Grand Prix possible, such as the IX councilor and president of the Los Cabos Education, Culture, Recreation and Sports Commission, Linze Rodríguez González, the president of NASCAR Mexico, Jimmy Morales, Víctor Pineda, representative of NASCAR USA in Mexico, Jasson Simons, representative of NASCAR USA, Humberto García, operational director of NASCAR Mexico, as well as José Roqueñí Reyes, promoter of NASCAR in Chiapas and Benjamin Aguilar Mota, director of the Super Ovalo Chiapas.

The meeting of these distinguished personalities represents a new platform for the development of the NASCAR Mexico serial and motor sport, which expands its importance to a world-class tourist destination such as Los Cabos, which on this occasion sponsors the first race of the new season.

In such a way that, fans of motor sports will witness a great spectacle with the first date of the championship, in the two large sections of stands that the Super Óvalo Chiapas has, with capacity for more than 17 thousand spectators and that for The convenience of the public that so chooses will also have at their disposal a new Numbered Shade area, next to the “Hospitalily’s” area, between turns 3 and 4, with a unique view of the actions.

Source: El Pueblo TVe