Federal Government gives 6 more months to Constellation Brands to move from BC to Veracruz


Mexico City. The federal authorities granted a six-month extension to the Constellation Brands company to move equipment they had in Mexicali, Baja California, to Veracruz, where it will install the brewery plant that was rejected in the northern municipality.

This was reported by the head of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), María Luisa Albores, in the morning of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in response to a question about the concerns of the inhabitants of that border city who have detected that technology and plant materials are maintained in the placed. In this regard, the federal president guaranteed that the brewery will not settle in Mexicali.

“An extension was given, they wanted 12 months, (but) it was six months. They move to Veracruz, they have very large storage tower (containers) and the plan is that they can dismantle them in these six months. It does not reach March (when it was the limit for the transfer after the consultation that rejected the installation of the plant), but (they are given) six more months so that they can take all this directly to the port of Veracruz,” explained the secretary.

This, she said, was resolved in a meeting with representatives of that company last week and the official asserted that she herself will be in charge of checking that the agreement is complied with and that all this equipment be transferred to Veracruz in six months.

In March 2020, the construction of a Constellation Brands plant in Mexicali was canceled, after a consultation promoted by the federal president, in which 76 percent of the participants voted against the project.

On his side, López Obrador assured that the company’s directors accepted the result of the consultation. “The brewery plant is not going to be there, they have already acquired a piece of land, they are building the plant in Veracruz, near the port. I want to say that the owners of this company behaved very well, to a certain extent they were surprised, deceived by the previous authorities who gave them permits when there was no water available and they thought that there was not going to be a problem and of course there was because the people from Mexicali did not agree.”

The head of the Executive said that in the consultation the citizens showed that they did not want the installation of the brewery due to the lack of water in Mexicali, for which they spoke with the owners of the company and they accepted the proposal to move the installation to a place where there is enough water and from where they have the possibility of exporting their product.

“The Mexicali project is completely cancelled. It is as María Luisa (Albores) has just explained, that they can take out their equipment or what they left there, in what was going to be the plant, because they had already started construction. But tell the people of Mexicali not to worry, that project is already cancelled,” the president emphasized.

Likewise, the head of SEMARNAT explained that diagnoses have been made in Yucatan to detect the level of water contamination due to the overpopulation of specimens in some pig plants in the entity.

Source: La Jornada