March 26 is Epilepsy Awareness Day in Mexico


On March 26, Epilepsy Awareness Day or Purple Day is celebrated, with the aim of raising awareness of the world population about epilepsy, as well as making visible the rights of people who suffer from it.

Origin of this day

The creation of Epilepsy Awareness Day or Purple Day in 2008 has been thanks to the initiative of Cassidy Megan, motivated by her own fight against epilepsy.

It is an act of kindness, to support people with epilepsy and to dispel the myths surrounding this disease.

Purple Day is supported by various organizations worldwide to promote epilepsy awareness actions, such as The Maritimes Epilepsy Association and The Anita Kaufmann Foundation. Likewise, schools, companies, and personalities from all over the world participate.

Epilepsy: a disease of the nervous system

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder generated by abnormal electrical activity in the cerebral cortex, causing moderate to strong seizures and loss of consciousness.

Possible causes of epilepsy are head injury, stroke, tumors, infection, poisoning, and maternal injury.

Currently, there is no cure for epilepsy. However, it can be controlled with medication, surgery, and other treatment options.

This disease affects about 65 million people worldwide. People who suffer from it are often victims of stigma and rejection.

How is the purple day celebrated?

Various events and activities are held in celebration of Epilepsy Awareness Day or Purple Day, such as talks, conferences, and webinars on this disorder. They are aimed at health professionals and the general public.

In addition, educational videos are released in colleges and universities to educate people about seizures and epilepsy.

On the other hand, various emblematic monuments and buildings are illuminated in purple, adding to this international campaign for epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Association promotes the Purple Your Year campaign by organizing fundraisers in schools, the private sector, and communities.

Source: OEM

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