Karl and Glenn have lost faith in the Yucatan Real Estate market (VIDEO)


Karl and Glen have lost faith in the Real Estate market in Yucatan.

They were allegedly scammed by a man that goes by the name of Carlos Betancourt, who told them that the property was involved in a legal process, and therefore he needed the money up-front to take care of that issue, 1.5 million pesos MX (approximately 175,000 USD).

This man (apparently a Mexican national), told them that it was a matter of weeks before the arrangements be made, and up to this day, they don’t have the property and their money is gone.

They were also assured that the legal owners of the property were Francisco Gutierrez and Alfonso Barrera, both Mexican lawyers with Easy Legal. Apparently, the firm Easy Legal Mexico is also involved in this series of “irregularities”.

The victims were told that the process was legal and that the law firm Easy Legal Mexico was going to set up the Fideicomiso so that everything was made according to law.

The victims were told to transfer the final amount in a “closing transaction” back on December 2020, and up to this date, they still have no deed and no property.

Check out the video and beware of scammers when buying real estate in Mexico.

The Mexico Daily Post advises that if you are planning to buy land or property in Mexico, always work with an AMPI-certified real estate broker.

With information from: Eco Yucatan

The Yucatan Post