AMLO hits the US for a human rights report in Mexico: “It is not true, they are lying”


MEXICO CITY. –The Department of State of the United States presented a report on several countries in the field of human rights in which in Mexico some abuses at the hands of the armed forces, restrictions on freedom of expression, violence against journalists and responsibility for the gender violence, among others, to which Andrés Manuel López Obrador replied: “It is not true, they are lying, it is pure politicking,” although he distanced himself from his counterpart Joe Biden.

The president explained that those who prepare these reports have not wanted to abandon “the Monroe doctrine and before the so-called manifest destiny”, because they still believe, he said, that they are the government of the world, “and they only see the speck in the other’s eye and do not the beam on their own, but it is not to get angry, it is that they are like that, with only saying that what they say it is not true, that they are liars is enough, but that they are not going to take it badly either ”.

He said that it is as if in Mexico they also evaluated the United States for human rights and freedom of expression, for which he exposed several cases, one of Julian Assange.

“Why is a cartel or several cartels allowed to operate in the United States that freely distribute fentanyl, which does so much harm to young people,? or tell them, look, what are you doing for young people so that they don’t consume fentanyl?” he said.

President López Obrador indicated: “Another one, with all due respect, former President Trump, is declaring that they are going to arrest him, I think today for a allegedly matter as the lawyers allegedly say, they are going to arrest him, if that were the case, then everyone would know, because we are not sucking our thumbs, that is so that he does not appear on the electoral ballot” and affirmed that he suffered the fabrication of a crime so that he did not appear on the electoral ballot either.

“This is completely undemocratic, because the people are not allowed to be the ones to decide, but all this in the plan of friends, that is, just to see if they change.

He also criticized that in the United States they fight over the electoral issue and they blame Mexico for invading with fentanyl but they do nothing to stop cartels in that country, which he also called politicking.

“And it is easy for them to say that Mexico is violating human rights, Mexico is invading us with fentanyl, freedom of the press and freedom of expression are not respected in Mexico. They go too far, that is not serious, of course, since they have a lot of control over the media information, they campaign and manipulate a lot, none of that works here anymore, people are very aware here, very smart,” he said.

Source: Proceso