Check out the best bars to celebrate San Patricio in Mexico City


These are the best bars to celebrate San Patricio in CDMX!

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 in Ireland and many other parts of the world.

That only means one thing: the streets are dyed green, there are shamrocks, hats, and Guinness glasses are clinked, and you also find the famous green beer in the pubs, among other surprises.

And if you want to sign up for this Irish party, in Dónde Ir we will put together a list for you to go to some bars to celebrate San Patricio in CDMX.

San Patricio Fest 2023 in CDMX There will be free activities and green cherries!

Brief history of Saint Patrick’s Day

In addition to drinking green beer in these pubs to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, there will be a parade in the Countess and concerts with bagpipes.

This Irish festival has a Christian origin and is dedicated to the death anniversary of the Patron Saint of the Island of Ireland, Saint Patrick. In Mexico, Saint Patrick’s Day is remembered with special attention, due to what happened in 1846 when the Battle of the United States and Mexico took place.

If you remember your elementary history classes, it is that feat where they report that a group of Irish soldiers broke ranks from the US army to join the Mexicans in their fight, thus creating the San Patricio Battalion. If you are interested in knowing more about this, we recommend you visit the National Museum of Interventions. Did you know?

The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day began in the 17th century (between 1820 and 1860) when millions of Irish had to leave their country due to the crisis, several of them emigrated to the United States, where they found a new way to celebrate it.

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