This is the LIST of states in Mexico with the best SALARIES in 2023


The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Mexico City (CDMX), as well as data from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, announced which are the states of Mexico that have the best daily wages this 2023, as well as the entities with the worst rates. The list is based on the formal jobs that are listed with the IMSS, in case you are looking to change your residence in order to have better job opportunities this year.

In the list of this 2023, the base salary of contribution at the national level is 523.20 pesos and as every year the capital of the country is the entity that has the best rates, while Sinaloa is the state with the worst daily salary of this year, according to the study prepared by the Executive Directorate of Labor Studies with data from the IMSS. The information was shared by the CDMX Secretary of Labor and Employment Promotion, José Luis Rodríguez on his official social networks.

LIST of the states in Mexico with the best SALARIES in 2023:

Mexico City (CDMX): 664.18 pesos per day

Campeche: 593.5828 pesos per day

Baja California: 579.7488 pesos per day

Querétaro: 566,1958 pesos per day

Nuevo León: 564.3391 pesos a day

Chihuahua: 532.1242 pesos per day

National: 523.2077 pesos per day

Tamaulipas: 520.6446 pesos per day

San Luis Potosí: 513.7344 pesos per day

Coahuila: 510.3482 pesos per day

In contrast, the Mexican entities that have the lowest salaries in 2023 are the ones that we list below:

Sinaloa is the state of Mexico that pays the lowest salary this 2023 with 399.5784 pesos per day, followed by Oaxaca (411.72 pesos per day), Nayarit (412.20 pesos per day), Durango (414.68 pesos per day), Guerrero (419.75 pesos per day) and Michoacán (424.57 pesos per day).

Source: Terra