Man beaten to death after resisting a robbery in Cancun


Authorities and paramedics arrived at the site after receiving the report through a 911 call.

A man was beaten to death after resisting an assault in the streets of Cancun, during the night of this Monday, Feb. 27th.

Around 9:00 p.m., residents of the area gave notice by means of a call to the 911 emergency number that a subject was injured.

Police elements arrived at the site to verify that the report was correct. Upon arriving and seeing that there was an injured person on the ground, they proceeded to request help from the paramedics, who were in charge of assessing the victim.

Due to the type of injuries on his body, the man had to be taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Unfortunately, minutes after being admitted to the hospital, the subject died.

So far, authorities have not revealed more information about who may have been responsible for the event.

Source: De Peso Quintana Roo

The Cancun Post