Tren Maya Director General stated that it will start operations on December 1, 2023


The long-awaited news has arrived, so get ready to explore Mexico in a brand new light, and it’s going to be as early as this year

Maya train

The Maya Train is finally happening – it’s official. At President López Obrador’s press conference on Monday, February 27, Tren Maya Director General, Óscar Lozano, stated that “we are committed to starting operations on December 1, 2023, that is the fulfillment of the mission”.

The Maya Train will provide tourists with the opportunity to explore the Yucatan Peninsula in a whole new way!

This infrastructure megaproject is said to be complete on September 24, 2023, with test dates for the railway beginning in September, and it will run a total of 15,000 kilometers on its first ride.

All the exciting inside information about the operations calendar has also been released, which means you can now find out when the works will be fully completed, as well as how to buy tickets and the number of stops.

Source: La i Campeche

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