American visits Mexico and complains because they do not speak English: “They have to improve”


It is increasingly common to find controversial situations on TikTok due to the cultural clash of Latinos with other countries, such was the case of a young woman who was hated by Mexicans after sharing her recipe to prepare esquites, or a young man who complained on social networks that English is not spoken in Mexico.

It was the tiktoker @carlos_eduardo_espina who rescued the video of the young man’s complaint, and it quickly went viral, adding more than 250,000 likes and thousands of comments, mainly from Mexicans and Latinos.

Young man complains that in Mexico they do not speak English and causes controversy on TikTok

And it is that the man expressed that, after his visit to Mexico City, he was disappointed to discover that everyone spoke Spanish, as he expressed in his video that “considering how close Mexico is to the United States, I thought they would make more effort for speaking English.”

“I just went to Mexico City and the people there don’t speak any English. You would think that with all the tourism that would be the first thing they do, but no. Even in the restaurants all the menus were in Spanish, I had to use apps for everything. I like Mexico, but they have to improve that,” said the young man.

Faced with the young man’s complaints, many users, as well as the tiktoker Carlos Eduardo Espina, expressed that he should be the one who should learn another language, since he cannot expect other countries to adapt to his language, since each nation has its official languages.

“You can see that Mexico is close to the United States, but the United States is not close to Mexico”, “As the gringos say ‘speak English, when you are in the USA’, so ‘speak Spanish, when you are in Mexico'”, “Mijo, it is the same distance from here to there as from there to here”, “But then they get angry if we speak Spanish in the United States”, “And why doesn’t he speak Spanish if it is the second most spoken language in the USA”, reads on the comments.

Source: Univision