SEDENA goes for remotely piloted aircraft system for intelligence work


This equipment will have an acoustic signature that “must be imperceptible to the human ear.”

The Ministry of National Defense is ready to acquire remotely piloted aircraft for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance work in operations against organized crime, so that they can capture clear images from the air and in real time, and with imperceptible acoustics to the ear. human.

The Army launched a project in which is looking for a company that provides a system that will be made up of between two and three aircraft that will operate under the command of the Mexican Air Force.

The aircraft will be equipped with electronic communication and navigation systems, it will have a range of between 12,000 and 18,000 feet above sea level, and up to 120 kilometers and a autonomy of six to ten hours.

The equipment will also have an electro-optical sensor with which they can capture clear and sharp images of their target at an altitude of three thousand to five thousand feet at more than five kilometers.

Among other features is the ability to take vertical photos that allow image mosaics of a specific area, and videos of the target in real time.

The intelligence work of these aircraft will have an acoustic signature that “must be imperceptible to the human ear” at a height of three thousand and five thousand feet above the ground that is under surveillance.

In July 2022, SEDENA sent an investment project to the Ministry of Finance in which they requested 334,620,916 pesos for the acquisition of three remotely piloted aircraft systems to carry out intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations, as well as support for security search and rescue operations.

The document details that this equipment will increase SEDENA’s capacity to carry out intelligence work, ground support, and protect troops from armed crime forces.

They will also be used for tracking ground targets, locating the position of a selected target and guide troops to the target, as well as providing immediate support.

“Organized crime will be fought in a more efficient way. In support operations on ground, a better perspective of the situation experienced in an operation, the integrity of sea and land troops will be protected. As there is no pilot on board, the cargo and fuel capacity is increased, increasing capacities and autonomy.

Source: Milenio