Game provider in the spotlight: eBET


One of the factors players love most about online casinos is how each of them has a wide roster of games made possible by game providers. Aside from a great selection of slot games, online bettors highly appreciate a good live casino section as well.

Gaming companies that specialize in live casino games are known for having state-of-the-art studios where they host their games in real-time. They also have professional dealers who facilitate each game. Among the companies that provide such services to online casino players is eBET.

If you are yet to try new eBET games or any of their fun titles, here’s what you should know about the company:

What is eBET?

eBET was established in 2012 and has long since emerged to be one of the promising game brands in Asia. They not only focus on table games but also provide mobile compatibility across all possible devices. The business has been branching out beyond Asia in recent years by collaborating with industry titans like Playtech and Microgaming. As a result, they gained a promising amount of reach that makes them a standout in the live casino gaming industry.

One of the factors that make the company stand out is how they manage to find ways to step up its casino games. They do this by constantly improving their technology which also determines their mobile compatibility, user interface, and back-end solutions.

Popular games from eBET

This impressive gaming company, which is licensed in the Philippines and also operates in the same country, has already produced several impressive games. In case you haven’t tried any of their games yet, here are some of their creative approach to games that you will love:


eBET produced several approaches to the classic baccarat game where your main objective would be to guess which of the banker or the player side will have the better cards. With the special twists that they provide to their games, it becomes more interesting to see which side will have cards that are valued at nine.

Some of the baccarat games eBET has produced are:

  • eBET Speed Baccarat 10
  • eBET VVIP Baccarat
  • eBET VIP Baccarat


Hi-Lo is another fun card game where you have to bet on the possibility of the next card being higher or lower than the one being shown. The game is easy to play but it is even made more special as eBET combines it with sic bo elements. This means that instead of playing cards, you will see three dice being rolled. From there, you have to guess whether their total will be higher or lower.

Fortune Wheel Live

Aside from card games, eBET also produced its own take on the popular wheel of fortune by adding some exciting elements to it. This game offers super-sized payouts that allow you to win as much as 8x of your initial wager. It also has several unique side bets that can help you win more prizes.


eBET also has a fun take on the classic roulette game in a game they called Fortune Roulette. Aside from the easy gameplay this has, it also gives you a chance to win as much as 500x your bet. It features 1 to 5 randomly generated lucky numbers in each round. These elements add up to the entire excitement the game exudes aside from the fact that it also uses stunning visuals to keep you engaged.

Asian games

Aside from the usual casino games, eBET has also assured that players will find something with them that isn’t commonly offered by other game providers. By being an Asian-based company, the brand aims to deliver Asian games to its platform as well.

Some of the Asian games you can try with them include:

  • Virtual Pok Deng
  • Sic Bo
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Bull Bull
  • These are just some of the most promising games from eBET. As one of the top live casino game providers in the iGaming industry, try new eBet games so you can experience firsthand what sets them apart from the rest.

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