Tulum beach vendor scams tourist with 500-peso empanada (VIDEO)


A Mexican tourist claimed to be scammed by a Tulum beach vendor who sold her an empanada for 500 pesos. “Give me back my money… you scammed me!” The woman screamed.

Through TikTok, the video was broadcast in which a tourist throws away the vendor’s merchandise, for selling her an empanada at the incredible price of 500 pesos (25 USD).

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“Beach vendor charges 500 pesos for an empanada to a Mexican tourist in Tulum and she throws the product at him,” the clip reads.

Between shouts and shoves, the woman accuses the man of stealing her money, while the beach vendor can be seen crying for help.

“Who is going to pay me for this,” asks the man before the tourist’s claims. “He ripped me off, he ripped me off,” says the woman in the clip.

The woman ends up throwing the vendor’s merchandise to the sand, with the rest of the empanadas.

“He tried to charge the lady 500 pesos for one empanada and this is what happened,” reads the description on TikTok.

Source: 24 horas

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