Live the full experience at Tequila, Jalisco! (VIDEO)


If you want to taste good tequila and witness the complete process that brings this drink to life, this is the place to do it. Its name actually comes from a náhutl word that means “place of tribute” and here most places pay tribute to the art of turning the blue agave into a world-famous distilled beverage.

There’s even a tequila museum that explains the process and has some of the most iconic bottles on display. In the past, this town was known for having big traditional haciendas. Now, many original constructions remain, but they’re now home to the most important distilleries, many of which are open to visitors.

At José Cuervo’s hacienda, you can explore every step of the production, from cleaning the agave to an exclusive tasting.

They also have one of the top attractions of the town, a train — José Cuervo Express – that parts from Guadalajara and takes travelers through Tequila all the way to the hacienda. Passengers on board get the full experience, including specialty drinks, music, and amazing views of the agave plantations that contrast the red soil and the blue plant. 

The town of Tequila in Jalisco state Mexico is famous for the production of the spirit tequila. The surrounding fields are planted with blue agave and only tequila produced in the state of Jalisco can be called tequila.

But Tequila isn’t just about the drink, it’s also a town with a strong crafts culture, especially for pottery lovers. The place also has some beautiful natural landscapes like the Tequila volcano and the Big River, as well as historic Baroque-style buildings, at the Historical Center, where the Church of Santiago Apostol and its stained glass windows stand out.

Source: Youtube

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