“Go back to your country”: Chingu Amiga is criticized for not paying taxes


Chingu Amiga, who currently resides in Mexico, has been accused of not paying her taxes in the country.

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Recently, the influencer better known as Chingu Amiga was accused of not paying her taxes in Mexico.

Even though she was one of the darlings of the famous social network, now the oriental influencer is going through dark moments.

Through a video it was stated that the content creator gets pay in dollars while she stays in Mexico, so she gets rid of paying taxes even though she has been living in the country for a long time.

It also pointed out that the influencer is causing many foreigners to want to live in Mexico.

As expected, these remarks were debated on social networks and many users commented “that she better return to her country” however, there were some others who supported the girl.

Source: El Imparcial