Carlos Caro Quintero, brother of Rafael arrested in Mexico

Carlos Caro Quintero

It is presumed that the 61-year-old man is a member of a criminal group that operates in the north of the country.
In Mexico City, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, reported that Miguel Hidalgo, Carlos Caro Quintero, was arrested in CDMX, 61 years old, an alleged member of a criminal group that operates in the north of the country.

It is presumed that the detainee is the brother of drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero. At the time of his arrest, he was seized a vehicle without license plates and a firearm.

This was the arrest of the relative of Caro Quintero

It transpired that the arrest was made when troops were carrying out supervision tours on Montes Auvernia avenue, in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, and they detected a gray van, which was driving with the license plates covered, for which it was called a halt.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the uniformed officers noticed that the driver was carrying a firearm at waist height.

Likewise, a cinnamon tape package containing marijuana was located, weighing approximately eight kilograms and 124 doses of cocaine.

Said subject was made available, together with what was insured, before the agent of the Public Ministry where his legal situation will be determined.

According to the National Detention Registry, Carlos Caro was detained by the Mexico City police on Sierra Ventana street, in the exclusive Las Lomas neighborhood, in a house under construction.

According to the authorities, the alleged offender is already in the Specialized Prosecutor for Crimes Against Health of the capital’s prosecutor’s office, waiting for his legal situation to be determined.

Founder of the Guadalajara cartel, Rafael Caro Quintero was one of the main drug lords in the 1980s and one of the first to send drugs on a large scale to the United States.

Until now, the only brother of Rafael who was known to be involved in criminal activities was Miguel Ángel Caro Quintero, who was arrested in Mexico in 2001 and extradited to the United States in 2009, where he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and provided information about the drug cartel.

After serving a 17-year prison sentence in the United States, Miguel Ángel was released and returned to Mexico. 

Source: Televisa Noticias

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