Listening to Mariachi Music is a must in Guadalajara (VIDEO)


Listen to Live Mariachi Bands in the cradle of Mexican Mariachi Music

Perhaps no type of Mexican music is more famous than mariachi. It even made the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage a few years ago.

Everywhere you go in Mexico, the sounds of mariachi music follow, whether it’s a roaming band on the beach or the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Check out this tour where you’ll get to see the incredible Mexican traditional Charro cowboys, complete with a Charreada (rodeo) and some drinks while being serenaded with Mariachi. Click Here to learn more about this experience.

It’s believed that modern-day mariachi music originated in Jalisco, the Mexican state where Guadalajara is the capital. As such, there’s no better place to dive into this traditional Mexican music than right here in GDL.

Head to the Plaza de los Mariachis in the evening and hire a band to serenade you. Just be sure to come prepared with a few songs other than “La Cucaracha.”

listening to Mariachi is one of the top things to do in guadalajara

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