Mexican entrepreneur launches brand of soaps made with Nopal


Success largely depends on the effort we put in. This is a subject that Sandra Velasquez knows very well. After having worked as a sales representative for an important brand in the cosmetics industry, she realized that there was a great market opportunity, a brand that would speak directly to her face to face to the modern Latino consumer. So she decided to put an alternative on the table and, incidentally, pay tribute to her Mexican roots.

Nopales for skin care

The nopales are part of the daily life of Mexican families, who use them mostly to eat. However, Sandra came up with the idea of using them as a main ingredient and, in 2020, she gave life to Nopalera, a brand that today produces handmade soaps and scrubs that are good for your skin in small batches.

The nopal is the protagonist in Mexican culture and is also the heart of Nopalera. And, in addition to the fact that its cultivation is one of the most sustainable and resistant, the properties of this cactus cannot be overlooked: it is a highly nutritious natural product that can be used as a means for hair and skin care.

Things have not been easy for Sandra and her team; however, her hard work has been reflected in great rewards. Today Nopalera is the first Latino line recognized by Nordstrom’s and Sandra was named one of BuzzFeed’s Women to Watch in 2021.

Source: The Metropolitan