Mexican journalist Hannia Novell presents book on Femicide


Hannia Novell launches the book “Trazos de Sangre” (Traces of Blood), with which she seeks to make femicide visible.

Hannia Novell debuted as a novelist; with her book, she seeks to reach all kinds of audiences; she recognizes the role of social networks in cases of femicide.

Traces of Blood handles a solid narrative with journalistic overtones that seeks to make visible the cases of femicide in Mexico.

“We focus on the death of women. So I decided to take the step of journalism dealing with the issues that concern us today, and I taking care of taking them to another platform, to literature, to the novel, ”said the communicator Hannia Novell in an interview with La Razón.

“Strokes of Blood” recounts the life of Abril de Mudarak, a journalist who is involved in the investigation of a murderer of women in Mexico City. The story leads the protagonist, through turbulent situations, to discover the person behind the homicides.ADVERTISING

Abril de Mudarak tries to use all the means at its disposal to find once and for all the cause of the femicides. And through the information provided on her newscast with her own research, Abril will discover that each body found is part of an intricate map that points to only one person: herself.

Hannia Novell explained that she was a pioneer in the investigation of the cases of the deaths of Juárez in the 90s, in this sense she pointed out that currently there are many media that follow up on these cases.

The journalist, and host of the stellar ADN40 news program, It’s news with Hannia Novell, recognized the role that social networks play in making the cases of disappeared women visible.

Source.- ADN40

The Mexico City Post