Aguascalientes named Cultural Capital of the Americas


The Mexican state of Aguascalientes has been named ‘Cultural Capital of the Americas 2023.’

It marks the beginning of a major program for 2023 highlighting its history and culture.

This is the first time an entire state has been selected.

Aguascalientes is the geographic center of Mexico, with diverse attractions.

It has nature, religious and cultural happenings, and a wine route.

The state’s most important events are the Festival of Calaveras and the National Fair of San Marcos

The latter is the largest in Mexico attracting about eight million visitors.

Aguascalientes is linked by international flights to hubs like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago,

“This year we are going to spread our great cultural wealth, talent, and traditions,” said Governor María Teresa Jiménez Esquivel.

Source. Expreso

Aguascalientes Daily Post