Foreigner eats a tamale even with the corn leaves and goes viral


This man surprised many Mexicans when they saw that he ate a tamale even with the leaves. The comments mocking him didn’t stop.

This February 2 in Mexico we celebrate Candelaria Day, a tradition in which the people who foind the little doll in the rosca de reyes on January 6 must pay for the tamales and enjoy the great variety that exists and although in our country we know how to eat this delicious dish, without a doubt it is quite an experience for foreigners.

Through TikTok, a foreigner showed in a video the way in which he will eat a tamale for the first time,and went viral. The tiktoker explains that some neighbors of his father who are Mexican gave him several tamales.

“They gave them a bunch of… I don’t know what they’re called, and he gave it to me, I’m going to try to eat them,” the man says.

Shortly after, he is observed cutting the tamale into several pieces and then puts them in the microwave to heat them up. Finally, he started to eat them, however, he does it with everything even with the corn leaf that covers it.

In another part of the video, the foreigner mentions that his girlfriend pointed out the mistake he made when eating the tamale with the leaf.

“My girlfriend just told me I’m stupid, that I should unwrap them. So, if you have one of these in public and you have to eat it in front of people, unwrap it before you eat it.”

In another video and with another tamale, he showed that instead of putting it in the microwave, he put it in oil, something that other Mexicans liked completely, the tiktoker ensures that the flavor of this dish improved.

In the comments of the publications, some Mexicans made fun of the situation.

Source: Milenio