Malcolm is Missing: the story of a Canadian man who disappeared in Puerto Vallarta 4 years ago (VIDEO)


On Oct. 27, 2018, 68-year-old Canadian Malcom Madsen disappeared in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, having last been seen at a bar with his girlfriend, Marcela Acosta Ramos.

The documentary, Malcom is Missing, takes you inside his daughter’s journey to find out what happened to her father.

Madsen was a frequent traveller to Mexico, described by his friends and family as someone with a “child-like spirit” but also “incredibly intelligent.”

His daughter, Brooke Mullins, was used to her dad having different partners throughout her life, but admits in the film that she was a bit bothered when she was introduced to Ramos, who is just three years older than her. At the time, Ramos was 43.

Ramos had been living in a one-bedroom apartment with her parents and her two teenage boys. When she started dating Madsen, he purchased a five-bedroom house in Puerto Vallarta for them to live in.

In October 2018, when Madsen had just made a trip from Canada to Mexico, his daughter and friends lost communication with him. When Mullins went to Mexico to try to figure out what happened, she discovered shocking details.

Marcela Acosta Ramos and Malcom Madsen from Robert Osborne and Jari Osborne's documentary,
Marcela Acosta Ramos and Malcom Madsen from Robert Osborne and Jari Osborne’s documentary, “Malcom is Missing.” (Photo via Dam Builder Productions)

Getting access to video footage from a Puerto Vallarta bar called Andale’s, Mullins sees her father having a drink with Ramos, who is fiddling with something in her purse. The video shows what appears to be Ramos putting a powder substance into his drink, while whispering in his ear so he can’t see the table. She lets him have a few sips before pushing the drink away. That’s the last time he was seen alive.

While that may seem like all the evidence one would need to solve this mystery and seek justice, it was just the beginning of the battle for Mullins.

When Mullins showed the video to police, they questioned whether the footage had been doctored. Jesus, a local taxi driver in Puerto Vallarta who would always drive Madsen when he was in town, said in the documentary that he believes Ramos was able to pay the police — using money she took from Madsen — so they would not investigate this case.

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