Cuernavaca bar waiters beat up customers for not leaving a tip (VIDEO)


The victims have already filed a formal complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office and an investigation folder has been opened.

Waiters and security personnel from a bar beat up some young people because they allegedly did not leave a tip, an action that was documented on video.

The clients of “La Carrillera” located in the Historic Center of Cuernavaca, Morelos, denounced in networks that they were beaten on January 19.

The video was published on networks and immediately went viral after Internet users recalled the case of the restaurant “La Polar” in Mexico City ( CDMX ).

It was on Twitter that the reporter for Pulso Político, Antonio Díaz, explained that the young people refused to leave a “voluntary” tip of one thousand pesos.

So when they left the barabout five individuals, including waiters and security personnel, threatened and subdued them in the middle of a public thoroughfare.

Users commented on social networks that it is not the first time that “La Carrillera” forces customers to cover the suggested tip.

According to the 24 Morelos portal, the victims have already reported the attack to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and an investigation file has been initiated.

Just in the month of November outside “La Carrillera” a shooting broke out that left several injured.

Is the tip mandatory?

Clients are not required to leave any economic contribution for the service and it is illegal for the business to establish the amount, according to the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO).

Source: Plumas Atomicas

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