American blogger says “Cancun has the most corrupt taxi service in the world”


The taxi service offered in Cancun is generating a terrible image of the destination internationally. Tourists through social networks state that it is the “most corrupt business in the world” and advise that it is better to use urban transport that, although it is still bad, is cheaper.

Chad Scott, a blogger specializing in travel, recounted his experience in his networks, describing a serious situation of deceit, fraud, and abuse by taxi drivers and denouncing that no authority is in charge of bringing order.

“I wanted to use an Uber, but they told me that it was literally risking my life because their drivers are attacked by taxi drivers,” Scott says in a video that is already widely circulated on Tik Tok and other networks. “Do you know what the most corrupt business in the entire world is? It is in Cancun and it is about the taxi service ”, he maintains when opening the blog that he called Crónicas de Cancún. “My wife and I arrived in Cancun a few days ago and for the first time, we stayed in a hotel outside the hotel zone. It was a headache realizing that the bus stop was far away, so anywhere we went we had to use a taxi”, comments the blogger.

He notes that “we were literally two miles or less from the hotel zone. We called a taxi to go buy something to eat. First, from the hotel, we went to a bank and they charged me 25 dollars; from the bank to a supermarket another 25 dollars, and from the supermarket to the hotel 25 dollars more; It seemed incredible to me, ”she notes.

“I decided to see if the Uber worked and it was incredible that for the same two miles, they were going to charge me two dollars for that platform; I asked for one, but no driver took my trip, ”he indicated. “I asked a hotel employee why Uber didn’t take the ride and he warned me that taking the ride could literally cost me my life. I was impressed by this situation”, emphasized the influencer.

“Under these conditions, the only way to get to the hotel zone is by bus or a rental car, so drive at your own risk, because motorists in the hotel zone are absolutely crazy,” warned the well-known travel blogger.

Source: Reportur

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