Growing Popularity of Online Casinos in Mexico: How Did the Industry Develop


The Covid-19 pandemic caused a significant impact on multiple countries, and Mexico is no exception. And while plenty of industries experienced a significant decrease, online gambling flourished and attracted millions of players. Gaming operators get millions of clients, while players have the possibility to have tons of fun for a considerably small amount of cash or even for free.

Long Gambling History & Birth Of Proper Legislation

Overall, gambling and betting existed on Mexican territories for many centuries. Betting on cockfights and table games were considered the first activities that gave rise to the industry at the beginning of the 18th century. 

The rapid development of this sector was influenced by trends that came from other countries, including Spain, the US, and others. Of course, such a pastime can be considered only a prototype of all the benefits users can get in modern slots online Canada and sportsbooks offering multiple opportunities. In any case, casino games are considered one of the oldest entertainment types that will not lose their popularity in the following years.

In 1770, the Spanish king legalized lotteries, which immediately spread among Mexican residents. However, land-based casinos that modern players are already used to appear in the country only at the beginning of the 20th century.

First Laws Regulating Gaming Halls

In 1947, the first official document that regulated gambling was issued. What is interesting: its basics are used in the country to this day. However, they were improved and slightly changed due to the appearance of online gambling. For instance, the Gambling Law of 2014 allows foreign operators to enter the market, which significantly increases the selection of gaming clubs for players.

So, now you know the answer to the question “Are online casinos legal in Mexico?” If you decide to treat yourself to a pinch of adrenaline on the territory of the country, you don’t have to worry, as you won’t break any laws. But keep in mind that only users over 18 can participate in such entertainment. Do not try to get around this ban if you are younger. Online establishments conduct strict verifications, so your deception will definitely be revealed.

Quick Digitalization & Appearance of Online Gambling Halls

The online gambling sector began to actively develop around the world at the beginning of the 2000s, which attracted millions of players. Now you do not need to dress up and go somewhere to play slot machines or poker since the whole casino world can fit in the smallest device.

The popularity of gaming platforms is skyrocketing, as is the number of casinos available to Mexican players. Thousands of games from leading developers and attractive bonuses beckon users and increase the desire to try their luck. And the further technological advancement will definitely make the industry even more attractive for customers.

Modern casino games are not as simple as they used to be several decades ago. So, you won’t meet a lot of simple slots that have three reels and several paylines: software providers become more innovative and add multiple exciting features and bonuses inside their gaming solutions.

Latest Technologies Influencing Online Gambling

Amazing innovations are considered the main driver for online casinos’ increased demand. Mobile gambling became the discovery of the last decade, and most operators have already adapted their websites to any device. Thanks to these changes, gambling has become easier and more accessible because it is enough to get a smartphone out of your pocket to immerse yourself in the exciting world of slots. Here are some more technologies that are rapidly evolving and giving players an even more amazing experience:

  • Blockchain in online casinos (possibility to make instant transactions via crypto)
  • Usage of VR technologies for an immersive effect
  • Cloud Gaming, offers thousands of games and even more security
  • Overall, Mexican residents are passionate gambling fans, so the industry won’t lose its relevance in the future. Players anticipate more positive changes and fantastic innovations, and they won’t keep them waiting. Remember to thoroughly check the gaming club before becoming its member: ensure it operates under a license of responsible authority and provides adequate conditions for players.
  • Mexico Daily Post