THE “I’M NOT GOING THERE” IS OVER | UBER starts operations in Chetumal.


CHETUMAL, Quintana Roo- The Uber service platform announced that as of today its application is already available in Chetumal for drivers who want to generate more profits.

In a statement from Uber specified that to review the requirements, it is necessary to enter or download the Uber Driver application to the cell phone, either on Android or iOS.

It added that once the potential driver meets the necessary requirements, they will be able to start taking trips with the app and generate more earnings in a flexible way.

The company reiterated that the availability of Uber to operate in Chetumal derives from an injunction obtained by the company on January 11, 2023, in which it is determined that the services provided by the driving partners through the application are private, and therefore , a public transportation concession is not required in this state.

Likewise, it was announced that in the coming weeks, the application will also be available to users who want to travel in Chetumal in an accessible and reliable way.

Source: La Pancarta de Quintana Roo