Mexican transforms hundreds of plastic bottles into brooms for the home


A great initiative that contributes to caring for the environment through recycling plastic bottles is carried out by a Mexican man who, when the confinement began, decided to retire from his job to take care of Covid 19, and while at home he saw a sustainable entrepreneurship opportunity.

Mr. Robert Rea Hernández was the one who saw in plastic bottles an opportunity to generate income during the pandemic crisis, with them he began to make brooms made of plastic bottles.

The initiative arose from the question, what am I going to do all this time? So, Mr. Robert searched the internet, finding the idea that entertains him to this day, through videos in Portuguese he learned how to make these brooms and he perfected the techniques.

Robert made his own machines (fixed drill, compressor, among others), to facilitate his work and save money because some are very expensive, he made them with recyclable materials.

To carry out this handmade and 100% recyclable initiative, at least 30 bottles are needed, three liters of plastic to make a broom. The man mentioned that he wants to teach this art to more people to contribute to caring for the environment. Because this material is so durable, it would be ideal for offering quality brooms. He also mentioned that the process to make clotheslines from the same material is underway.

Source: Libertad y Pensamiento