Mexico Retail Properties will build a new shopping center in Aguascalientes


According to, MRP, a trust fund owned by México Retail Properties dedicated to the development and operation of shopping centers in Mexico, will invest 295 million 289 thousand 340 pesos in a new project to build a shopping center in the state of Aguascalientes.

In a statement, it said that it “acquired a capital investment commitment in a commercial project anchored by a department store and a cinematographic complex in the municipality of Aguascalientes.”

The complex will have as anchor stores a department chain, whose name was not revealed, as well as a cinema.

MRP also mentioned, in its brief notice, that this new investment was previously approved by the administrator’s investment committee.

The MRP trust has among its main objectives to make investments in land for the development of real estate projects, as well as the acquisition of real estate assets in operation that generate rental income.

Shopping centers have gradually recovered after the effects they had during the Covid-19 health crisis, as they were forced to close temporarily. However, specialists say that thanks to trends and growth in consumption and the end of mobility restrictions, they have recovered the traffic lost in the last two years.

Source: Real Estate Market

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