“In Cancun you can’t find these luxuries”: Yucatan transportation goes viral on Tik Tok


With the background music of “Shrek 2”, a young woman highlights the differences of public buses.

The things that speak out of a good state are the warmth of its people, its economy, the food and, without a doubt, the quality of public transportation. This last point was endorsed by a young woman from Cancun who visited Yucatan, who said she was surprised by the quality of the service.

With the background music “Funkytown”, the song with which Shrek, Fiona and Donkey arrive at “Very Very Far” in Shrek 2, the user @Sofo shared the journey on her TikTok account to discover how transportation was like in Yucatan.

“Like when you’re from Cancun, you go to Yucatan and your cousins take you on the bus”, with this phrase, Sofi Romeroh begins her video of just 36 seconds, where she exposes a list of the differences with the service provided in the municipality of Benito Juárez.

Sofo points out that “the combis are so comfortable, if they are full, no more people can get on it”, compared to Cancun, where even users stand once the seats are all occupied.

It is not so easy to get lost in Yucatan because each of the stops has an identifier. “Here the normal routes even have little signs where it tells you which route arrives.”

Each unit has a terminal that charges the ticket when they use the smart card, “They have these little things to pay with the card.”

“Apparently here they do respect their traffic lights and do not drive desperately,” the tiktoker said, surprised to see how drivers use traffic lights and respect pedestrians.

Just a few seconds after the end of the video, the young woman takes the opportunity to show how the popular Yucatan transportation service called “Va y Ven” looks and works.

From the jovial vision of Sofi Romeroh, he highlighted one of the constant problems in the main tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean: insecurity.

“With all the confidence you can sleep, without fear of being assaulted. The tour guide (my cousin) fell asleep.”

The video ends with the woman from Cancun very happy because her journey was “Very fun”, revealing that there are notable differences in the quality of transportation.

User reaction

The TikTok has only been published for a day, so far it has 24,000 views and 448 comments, highlighting the version of users who ensure that everything about the shortcomings and dangers of transportation in Cancun is true.

Here we leave you with some of the best comments.

“I am from Mérida and when I got on the bus in Cancun they stole my CEL“.

“I am from Mérida when I went to Cancun I was very scared of how they drive the vans and buses and apart from that, people are standing with the door open (vans)”.

“Wow how nice, in Cancun the vans are like sardines hahaha but it’s fun…”.

“I’m from Cancun, well, I’m here now and those vans stop when they want and you fly away.”

“It is that in Cancun the minibus is better than the mechanical games, that is a sensation of life or death.”

What is the “Va y Ven” card?

The Friendly and Sustainable Metropolitan Mobility System was implemented by the Yucatan government to make it easier for the population to make faster transfers, saving time and money.

According to the official website, the “Va y Ven” transport is only valid for buses on the Periférico Route. In addition, the service is divided into three categories, each one with a different color:

Blue / $12.00 – General ticket.

Yellow / $5.00 – Ticket for students and seniors.

White / Free – Ticket for people with disabilities.

An important fact is that those who do not have their “Va y Ven” card must pay the normal cost of the ticket, whose general rate is $12. Tickets can be purchased at the ADO ticket office located at the airport.

Source: Sipse