American tourist saves sea turtle that had a plastic bag wrapped around its neck


Mexico’s coastline is filled with wildlife, and one species I really wanted to see, was dolphins! You can find pods of dolphins in the thousands off the coast of Mexico, which is a bucket list thing to see for me!

You can join dolphin tours on both coastlines of Mexico, but it’s more common on the Pacific Coast in places like Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Escondido, where I enjoyed my dolphin-watching tour.

Rescuing a turtle in Mexico

That day we saw hundreds of dolphins, turtles, and even a Blue Marlin. We watched on as the dolphins worked together to hunt fish and play. But there was another experience that made the tour so much more than just a tour. And that was our encounter with a female turtle…

Rescuing a turtle in Mexico

This turtle had a bag wrapped around her neck and was struggling to breathe. So, we jumped into the water and brought the turtle to the boat. We then cut the bag from around her neck before releasing her back into the wild.

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