What was the real reason behind the cancellation of 184 flights at Tijuana Airport


The official version of the administration points to bad weather, however, the workers have another

Miguel Cravioto, Director of Communications for Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), reported through a statement that the complications that affected passengers were due to low temperatures. This would be the official version:

“Due to adverse weather conditions, as of Friday, December 23, flights were affected”.

Cravioto explained that the effects that have been generated “until Monday, December 26; consists of 90 cancellations of arrivals and 94 departures”.

This coincides with what passengers reported through social networks, where many said they spent Christmas Eve and Christmas waiting at the airport due to delays and cancellations.

“I live in the United States and during my vacations I visit my parents in Mexico. This year I had to spend my Christmas at the Tijuana Airport with all the chaos they had with canceled and delayed flights. I hope and @flyvolaris will return my money that I lost”, pointed out a user on the night of December 26.

Even though users continued to post complaints, assuring that they were still stuck at the airport, the GAP statement indicated that operations had already been normalized, to provide the service to all passengers who were in the terminal.

“These effects attributable to bad weather can cause delays or cancellations in the sequences of different routes, which could modify operations at other airports,” he stressed.

Consequently, they urged users to check the status of their flight with the corresponding airline or consult more information through GAP’s social networks.

However, another version given by Captain José Alonso, spokesman for the Aviation Pilots Union Association of Mexico, during an interview for El Heraldo, points out that although the bad weather had to do with the delays and cancellations, it was also due to the massive resignation of Volaris and Viva Aerobús personnel.

He pointed out that at this time of year it is normal for them to have complications due to meteorological phenomena, but in particular this 2022 was due to the resignations of “ground personnel” or airport operators.

“They stopped attending work in masse due to the contractual conditions they have. They are not satisfied because they have not been paid for overtime, etc.”

He said that it is familiar to them as workers that both airlines are late with the corresponding payments and make them work long hours, several staff members have decided to group together to be absent from their work.

“The weather is something that can happen to all of us, but it is time for employers to realize that workers are waking up and that they have to have dignified representation in terms of their (labor) rights, which are often inferior to the law”.

The airlines, pointed out by Captain José Alonso, have not said anything about the massive resignations. Volaris, for its part, adhered to the official version of the GAP, accusing that the complications on flights were due to bad weather.

Source: Infobae