Take part of a Temazcal ceremony in Mexico (VIDEO)


Mexico may be a predominantly Catholic country, but its spirituality is rooted in ancient practices. A deep history of shamanism is prevalent in many different indigenous groups across Mexico, from the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula to the Huichol in the central Northwest in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

Today, many travelers flock to Mexico for spiritual healing. San Cristobal de las Casas, for example, is a mountain town in the southern state of Chiapas known for its mysticism. Here shamanism is alive and well among the Tzotzil people, an indigenous Maya people who occupy the highlands. Visitors come from all over the world for workshops in meditation and yoga.

One of the most popular healing rituals in Mexico is the temazcal ceremony. The ceremony involves a sweat lodge, combined with a sacred ritual, that leaves participants feeling cleansed – emotionally, physically, and mentally. The 1,000-year-old ceremony includes a spiritual guide, who takes participants on a healing journey within the sweat lodge, combined with songs, chanting, and prayer. Those who participate in temazcal have reported clearer skin, increased blood flow, and relief of stress.

Mexico Daily Post