These are the 15 most common surnames in Mexico of French origin


Around the world there are thousands of surnames, which can be extremely rare, with very few people carrying them or, on the contrary, extremely common.

The popularity of people’s surnames can be explained from a geodemographic study, in which the origin and geographical-historical distribution of names and surnames can be analyzed. For this, it is necessary to carry out a study of migrations and population structure.

Despite how common some surnames may be in Mexico, do we really know their origin? This questioning is not usually something that makes you lose sleep, but if you are curious, read on to find out if your last name comes from French.

Through a study, “using various lists of frequent surnames from different countries, all of them processed in a relational database and in a geographic information system, it was possible to delimit regions and cultural or social groups, which can be partially unraveled through the analysis of the frequency distribution of surnames”.

In this way it can be determined, the country or countries that, due to various circumstances such as migration and colonization (in the case of Spain), arrived in others and their descendants have the surname from their homeland.

One of the most common origins of surnames in Mexico due to its history is definitely Spain, however you may be surprised to learn that it is not the only old world country that shares a strong lineage with the Mexicans.

The diversity of surnames in Mexico, as in the rest of America, was determined by its history, where settlers from different parts of Europe settled in Aztec territory, the French being one of them.

During the Second Mexican Empire in charge of Maximiliano de Habsburgo and his wife the Empress Carlota, the increase of the French on Mexican soil increased, but it was not until the Porfiriato, when there was a strong settlement in Guanajuato, Jalisco, San Luis Potosí and Veracruz, principally.

The bonds that were formed between people of both nationalities have allowed many surnames to parade, but do you know what they are? We will tell you below.

What are the common surnames in Mexico of French origin?
















We know that it is not easy to create a family tree that fully traces your ancestors, and the absence of official documents such as birth certificates definitely makes it difficult to find your lineage but if you are a carrier of any of these surnames, your investigation will have to cross borders, to the city of love.

What makes this list surprising is that they are more common surnames than many might expect, considering France as the country of origin.

We have no doubt that you have ever heard of any of these surnames or, you are a carrier. Now you know that your lineage may come from the old world.

Source: Ense de Ciencias