Morelia: an incredible architectural combination of Meso-American and Renaissance Spanish styles (VIDEO)


Morelia (from 1545 to 1828 known as Valladolid) is a city and municipal seat of the municipality of Morelia in the north-central part of the state of Michoacán in central Mexico.

The city is in the Guayangareo Valley and is the capital and largest city of the state.

The main pre-Hispanic cultures here were the Purépecha and the Matlatzinca, but no major cities were founded in the valley during this time.

The Spanish took control of the area in the 1520s and built a colossal colonial city.

Surrounded by gorgeous hills and slopes, the city of Morelia is located between Mexico City and Guadalajara. The architectural design of Morelia is derived from an incredible combination of Meso-American and Renaissance Spanish styles.

Over 200 historic buildings, most of which are built with pink stones, are available to explore. Morelia is also known for the significant role it played during Mexico’s fight for freedom.

Some of the places to not leave the city without visiting are the cathedra., the city center, the Government Palace, and the public library.

Source: YouTube

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