Expats donate 500 toys to low-income children in Puerto Vallarta


Thanks to the effort and generosity of the American Legion, hundreds of local girls and boys from low-income families will receive a toy this Christmas. Earlier this week, this organization of North American veterans, in collaboration with the municipal government, delivered the first annual collection of 500 toys, which will be distributed through the Puerto Vallarta DIF System.

In an emotional meeting on Monday afternoon, Puerto Vallarta Mayor Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez and his wife, DIF president María de Jesús López Delgado, met with members of the American Legion and the Helping Our Brothers & Sisters (HOBS) charity and accepted the toys that will help many parents see the Christmas dreams of their little ones come true.

In the presence of Father Francisco Javier Aceves Aguilar of the parish of Guadalupe; Dr. Marvin G. Carter, director of Helping Our Brothers & Sisters; and Jesse Cole Rivera, Commander of the 12th American Legion in Puerto Vallarta, Profe Michel said he was excited to have the opportunity to greet the people with big hearts who contribute to bringing a little joy to many Vallarta homes this Christmas.

“There are thousands of girls and boys who are waiting for Baby Jesus to bring them a gift this December 24 and 25. We all had those moments when we were children and waited for the Child of God to bring us a gift, but there are also parents who do not have money to buy their children a gift and there are people like you who provide great support for those children,” he enthused.

When thanking the representatives of the two organizations who made this first annual collection, Professor Michel indicated that these gifts will be sent to low-income children, through the DIF System chaired by his wife Chuyita López.

Jesse Cole Rivera, Commander of the 12th American Legion, pointed out that the history of legionnaires and veterans is one of service and sacrifice, in which they have tasted both victory and the sad bitterness of defeat. “Our hearts are wounded, our bodies are tired and broken, but our hearts are made of gold, and I am confident that every single veteran here remains committed to a life of service in and out of our homes.”

For her part, Señora Chuyita López, on behalf of the DIF System, thanked them for the delivery of these toys and said that this is a time to give, to share from the heart, and to be not only a community but a great family that offers a helping hand.

She indicated that this principle is the one that governs the efforts of the American Legion in Puerto Vallarta, of the North American veterans who reside here, and who work enthusiastically in what they consider to be their second home.

She stated that these toys will bring joy and smiles to so many Vallarta children this Christmas that they are looking forward to them with great enthusiasm. “And all this thanks to you, friends, to your noble hearts, and to that extraordinary effort to make this collection a success. This is how every society grows, this is how we transform the world, starting with our people united in heart,” she expressed.

At the end of the meeting, recognitions were given to representatives and members of these charitable organizations, and Father Francisco Javier Aceves offered a prayer of thanks for this support for the girls and boys of Puerto Vallarta.

Source: Banderas News

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