FGR blames kidnapper Israel Vallarta’s defense for the delay in the case


The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) blamed his defense for the delay in the case of Israel Vallarta, according to the judge of the case, who “has indicated in recent proceedings that the duration of the process is due to the actions carried out (for her)”.

Likewise, he explained in a statement that the judicial authority determined to accumulate in only one of the six pending kidnapping cases, which has “presented jurisdictional conflicts of the judicial authority itself, as well as resources promoted by the defendant, such as appeals, indirect injunctions, and incidents against determinations of the judges”.

He added that, as it is a matter of public interest, the essential information of all the reference processes will be uploaded online “safeguarding the rights of the parties and the obligations regarding the corresponding public versions.”

Said statement from the FGR explaining the delay in the Vallarta case was in response to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, who asked to resolve the situation since he has been in pretrial detention for more than 15 years without a sentence and announced that he could grant him a pardon.