Mexicans win Math Olympics


The Mexican participants won three gold medals and one silver.

 A group of young Mexicans stood up in the name of Mexico by winning the XXIV Mathematical Olympics of Central America and the Caribbean (OMCC). The participants won three gold medals and one silver, which placed them at the head of the contest.

In this year’s Olympics, 46 students from 12 countries participated who, according to UNAM Global, had to solve an exam consisting of six unpublished problems proposed by mathematicians from the participating nations.

The participants who represented Mexico and won the gold medal were Luis Veudi Vivas Pérez, from Quintana Roo, Emiliano Hernández Barranco, from Morelos but representing Mexico City, and Alonso Baeza Quevedo, from Baja California Sur. Alan Alejandro López Grajales, from Chiapas, won the silver medal.

THE OMCC 2022 took place in Costa Rica from November 25 to December 2. The event is held annually in a different country, with the support of various public and private organizations. Each country participates with a delegation made up of a head of delegation, a tutor and up to a maximum of three students no older than 16 years of age at the time of the competition.

Source: Expansion