“Someone wanted to kill me last night” declared Ciro Gomez Leyva


Ciro Gómez Leyva literally said: “Someone wanted to kill me Thursday night”, after the attack he suffered 300 meters from his home, in the Florida neighborhood, south of Mexico City, near the facilities of Grupo Imagen. 

“I don’t have any threats, I don’t have personal lawsuits with anyone, I don’t have debts. Someone, judging by what happened, from what the authority, the ministry, and the experts told me, someone wanted to kill me, ”he declared.

He recounted that he left the television when he heard two shots “or more from a motorcycle,” but according to the experts “perhaps shots could have come from another vehicle,” fortunately he was unharmed.

“I turn and see a person shooting from a motorcycle, the person, I think I remember, with a white and red jacket, something on his face, I don’t know if it was a helmet or a hood because I leaned to the right and they continued shooting, I didn’t stop the car, I looked up and saw how the motorcycle followed and the guy removing the body, shooting at the windshield of the car,” he stated. 

The journalist indicated that he was trembling and arrived at a private one, where they let him pass and notify the authorities, who gave him escorts. He even received calls from Claudia Sheinbaum, senior officials, and friends.

He will not hold anyone responsible or make conjectures because “I have no proof of someone who is behind the person or people because I did not know that four cars backed up, so it was something more than a motorcycle.”

Two casings were found in the area, apparently 9 mm, and broken glass from the armor of the truck that his company had provided him for six years; Ciro has no escort.

He testified at the Public Ministry at two in the morning and thanked the people who sent him messages, “comments and messages of affection”, after what happened.

Source.- OEM

Mexico Daily Post