Chiapas residents clash with municipal police officers


Residents of the San Sebastián neighborhood, with sticks and stones in hand, confronted the municipal police of the municipal seat of Las Margaritas, after demanding that the mayor Bladimir Hernández comply with the works he promised during his campaign as a candidate.

It was during this Friday that residents began a peaceful demonstration to demand that the mayor in turn comply with the commitments he promised during his campaign, but having no response, they proceeded to arrest an official from the Government Secretariat, who had to be rescued by the Municipal Police, during a confrontation that caused two patrols of the corporation to be damaged. 

Then, residents detained a municipal police officer who presumably was held hostage until late at night.

Groups of policemen confronted the citizens who attacked with stones and blows, where three Municipal Police officers were injured, two of them by projectiles thrown by the inhabitants and one more who fell from a patrol car.

On the evening of Friday, December 16th, the tension continues in the municipal seat of Las Margaritas, where the inhabitants of the San Sebastián neighborhood remain in protest waiting to find a solution to their demands.

The mayor, Bladimir Hernández, accused former president Nayeli López of trying to destabilize the municipality with “violent mobilizations.”

Source: El Universal

San Cristobal Post