Bikini party in Mexico was a turning point for American reality show star Teresa Giudice’s marriage


Joe Giudice’s romp with bikini-clad girls in Mexico was the final straw for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice.

The Giudices spoke about the end of their marriage on the Dec. 14 episode of Teresa’s “Namaste B$tches” podcast.

“Didn’t you go to Mexico and you were hanging out with a whole bunch of girls in G-strings?” Teresa asked Joe. “That was already starting so I was like, ‘This is not going to happen. I’m not going to be one of those women who will deal with that (blank). I’m not going to do that.’ ”

Joe’s Mexico party took place two months after their separation from Teresa, and it made headlines in early 2020. The Giudices agreed to the terms of their divorce in September 2020.

“That was the icing on the cake,” said Joe of his trip. “It was embarrassing for my kids and me honestly. I’m so embarrassed, but whatever. It happens. It’s over.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice in happier times.
Teresa and Joe Giudice in happier times.

The couple had served sentences in federal prison for multiple fraud convictions. Teresa served 11 months. After she got out in December 2015, Joe began his 41-month sentence for the same crimes in March 2016. An immigration court deported Joe back to his native Italy after his release.

The couple said that the Joe who viewers saw on “Real Housewives” was not the Joe of real life.

“Everyone thought how could this woman be with this man that treated her this way,” Teresa said. “Joe always treated me great. If he didn’t treat me well, I wouldn’t have been with him, and vice versa.”

Joe did not enjoy filming the series.

“Looking back now, I kind of regret it because of the way he acted on the show with me. It wasn’t my husband,” Teresa said. “That wasn’t the way he acted when the cameras weren’t rolling. He didn’t want to film so he would stay aggravated and take that out on me on camera. Afterward, when they would leave, you don’t even act like that! Everyone’s going to think you’re this mean guy and you’re so not like that.”

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