Residents retain individuals accused of extortion in San Cristóbal de Las Casas


Fed up with this type of crime, the neighbors retained the subjects accused of stealing and extorting.

Inhabitants of the northern area of ​​San Cristóbal de Las Casas detained two individuals who are accused of engaging in extortion of humble people who walk in the area, for which reason the inhabitants decided to detain them and make them pay the people who have been victims Of robbery.

Fed up with this type of crime, the residents retained the subjects accused of stealing and extorting the population in several neighborhoods in the north of the city, so the settlers decided to install a guard to find these subjects to stop them and later exhibit them to the population.

According to the complaint from the residents themselves, the subjects were transferred to one of the multipurpose rooms in the area and invited the entire population to come to the place to recognize them and report them to the competent authority.

Dozens of residents were in charge of holding them back and beating them as an example. Until now they remain in the detention cell waiting for all the victims of robbery or deception to come to the place to recognize the fraudsters so that they can be presented before the corresponding instance.

San Cristobal Post