Mexico has positioned itself as one of the main medical tourism destinations in the world


Mexico has positioned itself internationally as one of the main medical tourism destinations in the world, not only because of price differences when compared to other countries, but also because of the quality of its doctors and the variety of its treatments and specialized centers.

One of the main factors that must be considered is the different approaches regarding treatments and patients’ follow-ups. In most of the Western World, including the United States, there is only one: traditional medicine. This is specifically true when it comes to cancer ailments, which are still as aggressive and, in a way, arbitrary against the patient’s own body.

However, there is another way of treating the patient and fighting this disease. These therapies consist of activating the immune system so that it recognizes and destroys cancer cells; the only difference is that the approach by alternative medicines completely forgoes the use of chemical drugs, while so-called biological therapies do use these medications.
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In addition, the approach is broader than theories, as a high number of patients are looking to solve their cancer problems.

The fact that you can have access to several treatments means a broader and higher number of possibilities to solve a problem; let’s also mention the fact that the methods and instruments used to get these results are also diverse.
The approach by alternative medicine means a conglomerate of knowledge that throughout history has left behind positivist thought, which means a single order for things that is currently still the flagship of exact sciences. However, certain practices and healthcare treatments have been gaining ground in the medical field. Practices such as yoga, acupuncture, and others have been requested more frequently by patients who haven’t been able to solve their issues with traditional medicine.

The arbitrariness of international institutions has banned all possibilities of these alternative treatments reaching more patients. Strict rules and regulations, based on methods within established standards, have left a considerable number of medical alternatives out.

This fact has been essential for Mexico to become an essential central point where one can find several different approaches to treat cancer. For example, in the city of Tijuana there is a variety of therapies and treatments that are carried out by specialists, whose main goal is to recover patients’ health.

Specialists at Immunity Therapy Center (ITC) deal with this fact as all of their treatment programs have been designed so that they can be adapted depending on each patient’s needs. This creates a significantly different approach to the disease itself and the possibility of recovering your health.

Each patient, according to ITC, has different health conditions and a different disease. That is why it is necessary, and perhaps an ethical obligation, to propose a treatment that is adaptable to the needs of the patient. This fundamental issue creates a new perspective based on the disease, i.e., the patient considers their condition not only based on their own ailments and resistance, but from the doctors, treatment, and their own health, which will be safeguarded by the very fact that all of this is being considered. It is unimaginable to give treatment to a patient when their conditions don’t allow for the treatment’s intensity.

Due to this, it should be noted that the approach by ITC, located at this border city, is multiple, with a flexible focus because the patient’s needs demand it.

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This is one of the reasons why Mexico has positioned itself as one of the main medical tourism destinations in the world.